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Dominio del Aguila Canta

Castilla y Leon,

From the heart of Spain’s Ribera del Duero flows the wines of Dominio del Aguila, a paragon of Spanish viticulture and tradition. Nestled within the historic region of Castilla y Leon, Dominio del Aguila presents a captivating symphony of exceptional wines, reflective of the rich terroir and a deep-rooted winemaking heritage.

Under the skilled dexterity of the winemaking team, every bottle of Dominio del Aguila encapsulates a meticulous balance of rich minerality and distinctive varietal characteristics. This dedication reads as a poetic ode to the sub-region’s diverse soils and River Duero’s influences, which bring robust in-depth characters to the wines.

Exemplifying the height of winemaking expertise, Dominio del Aguila honors the ageless traditions while employing modern refinement methods. From the vivacious freshness of their young wines to the layered complexity of their elegantly-aged releases, each wine tells a story, which is distinctively Ribera del Duero.

Dominio del Aguila’s wines are more than just beverages. They paint a vivid abstract of Spain’s vibrant fiestas, evocative Flamenco music, and the centuries-old exploitation of the mesmerising Ribera del Duero landscape. Each sip is a step into a captivating journey, a walk through Spanish history and a celebration of their wine artistry.

For the wine connoisseurs of North Carolina looking for a unique and authentic Spanish wine experience, the offerings of Dominio del Aguila, through the portfolio of Freedom Beverage Company, extend a promise of quality, heritage, and the true spirit of Spain’s winemaking.