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Domaine Pral


In the idyllic landscape of Beaujolais, France, you will find Domaine Pral, a Winery that holds the marriage of tradition and modernity in high regard. This family-operated business, operating from an organic vineyard, beautifully illustrates the passion, integrity, and an in-depth understanding of the terroir that defines their signature wines.

The cornerstone of Domaine Pral’s philosophy is dedication to the land. With strong organic practices, each vine showcases the richness and diversity of the Beaujolais’s unique terrain. Whether it’s the vibrant fruit-forward profile of their Gamay or the complex depth of their Chardonnay, every wine reflects the spirit, and culture of the Beaujolais region.

Balancing tradition with cutting-edge techniques, Domaine Pral never loses sight of their roots. Continuing long-practiced methods while applying contemporary wine making advancements, they succeed in keeping the integrity of the region’s history in every bottle while simultaneously appealing to the tastes of the modern wine enthusiast.

A sip of Domaine Pral wine reflects the essence of the land, the calm of Beaujolais, the charm of the vineyards, and the unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity. Each bottle unravels a narrative of the French wine-loving tradition and reverie.

For North Carolina’s discerning industry buyers looking for an authentically French experience, Domaine Pral’s impressive portfolio is available through their official distributor, the Freedom Beverage Company.