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Domaine Oinea


Encompassed by the ancient landscapes of Nemea, Greece, lies Domaine Oinea, a winery synonymous with timeless viticultural grace and tradition. Steeped in Hellenic wine-making heritage, Domaine Oinea weaves the tapestry of Greek wine history into every bottle it crafts.

Each creation from Domaine Oinea is a tribute to the land of Nemea and its fertile soils. Crafted from indigenous Greek grape varieties, their wines evoke a sense of place and time. From the hearty Agiorgitiko, revered for its dynamic flavor profiles, to the light and elegant Moscofilero, each bottle tells a story of the rich Nemea terroir.

Yet, tradition and innovation intertwine seamlessly at Domaine Oinea. While the roots are deeply anchored in the past, the winemaking methods and equipment reflect a modern approach, ensuring the resulting wines are classic, yet contemporary.

More than just a beverage, Domaine Oinea’s wines are a taste of Greece’s ancient viticultural heritage, the whispers of the vineyards, and the poetic rhythm of the Mediterranean sunsets. Here, each sip is a celebration of Greece and her timeless love affair with the vine.

For North Carolina industry partners with an eye for traditional yet innovative Greek wines, Domaine Oinea is available through their North Carolina wine distributors, Freedom Beverage Company.