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Domaine Lafage

Cotes du Roussillon,

Nestled in the sun-kissed terrains of Roussillon, France, lies Domaine Lafage, a winery that beautifully captures the essence of its Mediterranean surroundings. This family-run domain, with centuries-old viticultural roots, paints a vivid portrait of passion, terroir, and artisanal expertise.

At the core of Domaine Lafage’s philosophy is a deep respect for the land. With a diverse range of microclimates and soil types across their vineyards, each wine exudes a distinctive character. Whether it’s the minerality of their whites or the robust depth of their reds, the wines mirror the rich tapestry of the Roussillon landscapes.

Innovation and tradition harmoniously coexist at Domaine Lafage. While they employ modern winemaking techniques to ensure the purest expression of fruit, there’s an unwavering adherence to time-tested methods that bring out the soul of the region in every bottle.

The wines of Domaine Lafage are more than mere beverages. They are stories of the land, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the caress of coastal breezes, and the family’s dedication to showcasing the best of Roussillon. Each glass is an invitation to partake in a French viticultural journey.

For aficionados and industry collaborators in North Carolina, the exquisite offerings of Domaine Lafage are available through Freedom Beverage Company. It’s more than just wine; it’s an immersion into a world of French elegance, tradition, and terroir-driven excellence.