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Domaine Armand David

Loire Valley,

From the enchanting expanse of France’s Loire Valley, in the ancient appellation of Saumur, emerges the celebrated Domaine Armand David. A shining gem in the crown of French winemaking, the estate is a testament to traditional viticultural practices and innovative spirit.

The essence of Domaine Armand David lies in its commitment to honoring the land. Scrutinizing expressions of terroir, sun-soaked saffron-hued vineyards yield wines of stunning complexity and depth. These offerings range from opulent Chenin Blancs, with their palate of lush fruitiness and vibrant minerality, to the velvety Cabernet Francs that resonate with the robust expressions of the Loire Valley.

At Domaine Armand David, age-old winemaking techniques interplay with modern ingenuity, ensuring each bottle bespeaks its exceptional provenance. This harmonious fusion of past and present is evident in every wine, from the crisp, lively whites to the structured, complex reds.

More than just wines, Domaine Armand David encapsulates the allure of the Loire, the gentle rustling of the vine leaves, sunlight dancing on the river, and the magic of Saumur’s timeless landscapes. Each bottle offers an experience, a narrative of the land and the familial passion that nurtures it.

For exclusive buyers in North Carolina, Domaine Armand David’s exceptional wines find their way to the state through its official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. A sip of these wines is a much-awaited rendezvous with French elegance and terroir-driven virtuosity.