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Damien Laureau


From the heart of Loire Valley in France springs the eloquent wines of Damien Laureau, a name that resonates with the distinct charm and elegance of Savennières. Established in 1999, Laureau’s small but esteemed domaine has quickly set a high standard for biodynamic viticulture in this historic region.

Damien Laureau’s wines are a testament to his respect for sustainability and the natural harmony of the vineyard. Using only organic and biodynamic farming practices, Laureau ensures each wine emphasizes the unique terroir of Savennières, creating a purity of expression seldom found elsewhere.

Nestled between the Loire River and ancient schist outcrops, the vineyards yield a range of Chenin Blanc wines that defy expectations. From the minerally Bel Ouvrage to the lush, effusive Le Bel Argus, each wine captures the imagination with its complexity, precision, and depth.

This is not just wine, it’s a narrative unfold in the glass – a tale of the sleepy valleys, the gentle kiss of the Loire breezes, and Laureau’s unwavering dedication to his craft. Every bottle from Damien Laureau is an ode to Savennières, and its rich viticultural legacy.

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