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Chateau Vieux-Georget


Steeped in the time-honored viticultural traditions of Bordeaux, France, Chateau Vieux-Georget stands as a symbol of French oenological artistry. Nestled in the grandeur of the region’s lush vineyards, Chateau Vieux-Georget is a testament to the romance, sophistication, and enduring charm of Bordeaux wines.

Chateau Vieux-Georget’s unique approach lies in its transformation of Bordeaux’s rich terroir into enchanting wine symphonies. Whether it’s the finesse of their Merlot or the structured elegance of their Cabernet Sauvignon, each bottle pays tribute to the region’s magnificent vinous landscape.

The wines of Chateau Vieux-Georget are age-old stories captured in a bottle, narrated through the diversity and complexity of Bordeaux’s terroir. Every sip whispers tales of meticulously hand-harvested vines, patient maturation in French oak barrels, and the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary winemaking techniques.

Above all, Chateau Vieux-Georget represents the Bordeaux philosophy – a commitment to creating wines that articulate the soul of the region. Each glass is a fragrant, flavourful voyage into the heart of France’s prestigious winemaking heritage.

For trade buyers in North Carolina yearning for an authentic taste of Bordeaux, the exquisite portfolio of Chateau Vieux-Georget is made available by the Freedom Beverage Company, delivering the quintessence of Bordeaux’s viti-cultural splendor to your doorstep.