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Chateau Potensac


From the prestigious wine region of Medoc, Bordeaux, comes the esteemed Chateau Potensac, an embodiment of French viticulture at its finest. This historic estate, owned by the Delon family, narrates a rich tale of tradition, terroir-driven character, and exceptional craftsmanship.

The strength of Chateau Potensac rests on its unique terroir. Nestled in the northern regions of Medoc, the vineyard’s gravelly soils and maritime climate yield wines of remarkable structure and complexity. From their elegant Merlot to their vibrant Cabernet Sauvignon, each bottle exudes the quintessential character of Medoc.

At Chateau Potensac, tradition and innovation walk hand in hand. While maintaining the classic Medoc winemaking practices, the estate integrates modern techniques to enhance the purity and depth of their wines. The result is a portfolio that beautifully balances Bordeaux’s historical legacy with contemporary finesse.

Chateau Potensac’s wines are more than just beverages. They capture the soul of Medoc, the rhythm of the Atlantic, the cool whispers of the pine forests, and the Delon family’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Each bottle is a passage into the heart of Bordeaux, a celebration of its viticultural heritage.

For North Carolina industry partners seeking an authentic taste of Bordeaux, Chateau Potensac’s distinguished wines are available through Freedom Beverage Company.