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Chateau Fombrauge


From the prestigious soils of Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, emerges Chateau Fombrauge, a wine estate that epitomizes French viticultural grandeur. As the largest Grand Cru Classe estate in the region, Chateau Fombrauge weaves together the threads of history, tradition, and terroir into a tapestry of vinous brilliance.

Chateau Fombrauge’s wines are a testament to the estate’s unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Every drop hints at the rich Bordeaux soil, the meticulous vine tending, and the expert winemaking that goes into each bottle. From the balanced elegance of their Grand Vin to the vibrant intensity of their Le Cadran de Fombrauge, each offering speaks volumes about the estate’s pedigree.

Yet, it’s not just about tradition at Chateau Fombrauge. The estate consistently embraces innovation, incorporating modern winemaking techniques to enhance the unique characteristics of their terroir. The result is a collection of wines that faithfully express the essence of Saint Emilion, with a contemporary finesse.

The wines of Chateau Fombrauge are more than just beverages; they’re a celebration of Bordeaux’s deep-rooted winemaking culture. Every bottle encapsulates the charm of Saint Emilion – the rolling vineyards, the historic chateaus, and the passionate people who bring the region to life.

For North Carolina industry partners looking to add a splash of Bordeaux finesse to their offerings, Chateau Fombrauge’s esteemed wines are available through Freedom Beverage Company.