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Chateau D’issan Margaux ’20


From the historic wine region of Bordeaux, France, emerges Chateau D’issan Margaux, an embodiment of wine-making tradition and elegance. Located in the prestigious sub-region of Margaux, Chateau D’issan is a revered name in the world of fine wines.

Chateau D’issan’s story began in the 12th century, and its rich history shines through in every bottle. Chateau D’issan Margaux’s illustrious ’20 vintage is a testament to the precise art of blending, offering a harmonious mélange of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for a full-bodied and sophisticated palate.

Each sip of this wine exhibits a symphony of flavors, enriched by the fertile Bordeaux soils and the region’s mild, maritime climate. The wine’s bouquet is a luxurious dance of dark fruit, cassis, and floral notes, while its palate is imbued with velvety tannins and a persistent, elegant finish.

Chateau D’issan Margaux ’20 is not just a wine, it’s an experience – a journey through centuries of viticultural heritage, a celebration of the very essence of Bordeaux. Drinking this wine is akin to walking through the picturesque vineyards of Margaux, feeling the gentle Atlantic breezes and the warmth of the French sun.

For industry professionals in North Carolina seeking to treat their clientele to an authentic Bordeaux experience, Chateau D’issan Margaux ’20 is available through Freedom Beverage Company.