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Chateau Carbonnieux


From the esteemed appellation of Pessac-Léognan in Bordeaux, France, comes Chateau Carbonnieux, a historic winery renowned for its refined Graves wines. With roots stretching back to the 13th century, Chateau Carbonnieux stands as a testament to enduring viticultural traditions and the timeless allure of the Bordeaux terroir.

Boasting a diverse array of soils within its vineyards, Chateau Carbonnieux crafts wines that eloquently express their unique geological origins. The rich complexity of their reds, hailing primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines, and the vibrant elegance of their whites, crafted from Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc, are reflective of the winery’s expert cultivation of the land and its bounty.

Chateau Carbonnieux’s wines are not just about the land, they are about time – the time taken to nurture each vine, the time allowed for each grape to reach perfect ripeness, and the time devoted to the careful aging of each vintage. This dedication to time and patience rewards the palate with wines that are both immediate in their appeal and remarkable in their longevity.

More than just wines, Chateau Carbonnieux offers the essence of Bordeaux—a region steeped in history, renowned for its elegance, and gifted with an almost poetic beauty. It’s a celebration of France’s enduring romance with the vine and a testament to the joy of a well-crafted wine.

For North Carolina-based establishments seeking to offer their patrons the authentic taste of Bordeaux, Chateau Carbonnieux’s distinguished portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company.