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Celler Joan d’Anguera


From the sun-drenched landscapes of Montsant, Catalunya, emerges Celler Joan d’Anguera, a beacon of Spanish viticulture. This family-owned winery, rooted in tradition but not shy of innovation, crafts wines that encapsulate the spirit of the land and the passion of its people.

Celler Joan d’Anguera’s commitment to biodynamic farming underlines their deep respect for the environment. The winery cultivates a mosaic of local grape varietals, each nurtured to epitomize the terroir’s unique character. From the vibrancy of their young reds to the complexity of their aged Finca l’Argata, every wine is a testament to the rich Catalonian heritage.

The essence of Celler Joan d’Anguera lies in its harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. By combining generations of knowledge with progressive techniques, they continue to offer wines that respect tradition while engaging modern palates.

Beyond the vineyard, a bottle of Celler Joan d’Anguera is a sensory journey through Spain’s Catalunya region. Each sip echoes the warmth of the Spanish sun, the rhythm of Catalonian life, and the enduring passion of a family committed to its craft.

For those in North Carolina seeking to add a taste of Spain to their wine offerings, Celler Joan d’Anguera’s exceptional range can be sourced through their North Carolina wine distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.