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Celler Cal Pla


In the picturesque Spanish region of Priorat in Catalunya, you’ll find the esteemed Celler Cal Pla, a producer renowned for exemplary wines that capture the heart of Spanish winemaking. Celler Cal Pla’s story is steeped in over two centuries of dedication to the meticulous cultivation of the region’s vast viticultural offerings.

The expansive landscape of Celler Cal Pla is awash with a diverse blend of traditional Spanish grapes, each nurtured to offer a unique representation of the Priorat region. From the intense minerality of the old-vine Carinyena (Carignan) wines to the luscious richness of the Garnatxa (Grenache) offerings, each wine is distinctly handcrafted to echo the robust terroir of the region.

The wines from Celler Cal Pla are a harmonious blend of tradition and modern winemaking techniques. Ancient vines, some over a century old, are meticulously tended to yield fruit of unrivaled quality, while contemporary wine-making practices ensure precision and consistency.

Experience the sun-drenched terraces of Priorat, the rhythmic chants of grape harvests under the Spanish sun, and the deep-rooted respect for the craft in each bottle of Celler Cal Pla wines. It’s more than a beverage — it’s a tangible realization of Spain’s wholesome embrace of wine culture.

For those in North Carolina who appreciate the elegance of Spanish wine, the exceptional offerings from Celler Cal Pla are now available in the region through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.