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Cedar Brook Winery


Emerging from the fertile soils and sun-drenched vineyards of California is Cedar Brook Winery, an embodiment of American viticulture. Famed for their dedication to quality and sustainable farming, Cedar Brook Winery crafts wines that eloquently speak of their homeland.

The cornerstone of Cedar Brook’s winemaking philosophy is the respect for their land. With meticulously grown and hand-picked grapes, they ensure each wine is a true expression of the Californian terroir. From the distinctive elegance of their Cabernet Sauvignon to the rich complexity of their Chardonnay, the wines echo the countless seasons and tireless toil of their sun-soaked vineyards.

Cedar Brook also prides itself on its innovative methods, expertly embracing modern technology to extract the purity of their land’s fruits while honoring time-honored artisanal practices. Traditional techniques blend seamlessly with modern methodology, creating a balanced dance of old and new that manifests in every single bottle.

A sip of Cedar Brook wine is not merely a taste of wine—it’s an experience of California in its most authentic form. Think warm summer days, vines rippling in the breeze, and the joyous harvest under California’s azure heavens. This is the story Cedar Brook strives to narrate with every bottle.

In North Carolina, Cedar Brook Winery’s eloquent line-up of elegant wines are available to both enthusiasts and professionals alike through their official distributor the Freedom Beverage Company, offering an unmissable journey into California’s vibrant wine landscape.