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Bodegas Casa Castillo


From the sun-drenched landscapes of Jumilla, Spain, emerges Bodegas Casa Castillo. A historic gem with over a century of winemaking pedigree, enveloped in the rich tapestry of Murcia’s viticultural history.

Threading together tradition and modernity, Bodegas Casa Castillo’s philosophy is rooted in respect for the Jumilla terroir. The winery, defined by the indigenous Monastrell vine, crafts wines that beautifully reflect their Mediterranean origin. Whether it’s the profound intensity of their reds or the vibrant zest of their whites, each bottle sings a melodious ode to Jumilla.

Yet, Bodegas Casa Castillo’s story is not just of grapes or wine; it’s the story of a family’s unwavering commitment. From the nurturing of ancient vines to the adoption of innovative viticulture, every venture at the winery is steeped in dedication and love for the craft.

Within each bottle lies the soul of Spain – the sunlit vibrancy of Murcia, the whispering breezes of Jumilla, and the captivating warmth of Spanish hospitality. It’s an invitation to experience the exquisite flavours of a region ripe with history and draped in nature’s bounty.

For the discerning wine buyers of North Carolina, Bodegas Casa Castillo’s collection provides a delightful journey to the heart of Spain. These wines add a touch of Spanish charm to any portfolio and are made available regionally through Freedom Beverage Company.