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Bodegas Care


From the breathtaking landscapes of Aragon, Spain, emerges Bodegas Care, a shining emblem of Spanish winemaking finesse. Nestled in Zaragoza, Bodegas Care is as much about a premium wine experience as it is about capturing the spirit of its region.

Every bottle that springs from Bodegas Care tells a tale. It’s a tale of ancient vineyards, of the unique slate and limestone soils, and of the perfect balance struck between innovative winemaking techniques and the enduring wisdom of tradition. Each sip, whether it be of their full-bodied reds or delicate whites, is a testament to the rich viticultural history of Aragon.

The wines of Bodegas Care encapsulate the Aragon region in a bottle; from the arid beauty of its landscapes to the diversity of its climate. Every glass is like a journey, unveiling layers of flavours while shedding light on the region’s striking viticultural character.

Far more than mere beverages, Bodegas Care wines echo the Spanish way of life – the aromas of a lively market, the sound of flamenco in the streets, and the joy of shared tapas at sundown. Every bottle is a celebration of Spain’s profound love affair with wine.

To those industry partners in North Carolina looking to add the distinctive Spanish flavours of Bodegas Care to their offerings, the Freedom Beverage Company ensures a seamless procurement process, infusing your portfolio with a touch of Aragon’s viticultural charm.