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Alta Via

Alto Adige,

Perched high in the breathtaking mountainscape of Alto Adige, Italy, rests Alta Via, a wine producer that beautifully embodies the spirit and terroir of this alpine region. Alta Via marries the cool mountainous climate and steep terrains with traditional winemaking practices to create wines that are as distinctive as the region itself.

Alta Via’s wines reflect the unique microclimates and soil composition of their vineyards, each bottle offering a genuine expression of Alto Adige’s terroir. From the crisp, aromatic whites such as Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer to the elegant, structured reds like Lagrein, every Alta Via wine tells a story of the mountains, the vines, and the passionate hands that crafted it.

What sets Alta Via apart is their commitment to sustainable vineyard practices and precision winemaking. Through minimal intervention, they allow the vibrant fruit flavors, minerality, and refreshing acidity inherent in their grapes to shine, resulting in wines that are both authentic and harmonious.

Behind each Alta Via wine is the tale of the rugged Dolomites, the soft murmur of the Adige River, and the hardy spirit of the Alto Adige people. Each sip is a journey through the high-altitude vineyards, an exploration of the region’s rich viticultural heritage, and a celebration of Italian winemaking craftsmanship.

For wholesale wine buyers in North Carolina seeking an authentic taste of Alto Adige, Alta Via’s exquisite selection of wines is available through Freedom Beverage Company. Step into a world of alpine elegance and Italian viticultural refinement with Alta Via.