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47 Anno Domini Winery


From the heart of the Veneto region in Italy, 47 Anno Domini Winery blooms forth, a radiant beacon of Italian viticultural finesse. Born from a rich cultural heritage and an unwavering commitment to the craft of winemaking, this winery is a treasure trove of Italian wine at its finest.

47 Anno Domini’s philosophy is quintessentially Italian, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The winery’s meticulous care in the vineyards is mirrored in its respect for the environment, embracing organic and sustainable farming practices. Each bottle is a testament to this philosophy, from the vibrant and crisp Pinot Grigio to the rich, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

Yet, the emphasis is not only on the wines but also on the experience they evoke. With each sip, the drinker is transported to the Veneto region, with its sun-drenched vineyards, the gentle rustle of vine leaves under the Italian sun, and the profound respect for the land that is so intrinsically Italian.

More than just wines, 47 Anno Domini presents a beautiful symphony of flavors, aromas, and tradition. Each bottle captures a piece of Italy – the gentle rhythm of the Italian countryside, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, and the intrinsic passion for viticulture that Italy is so famed for.

For industry buyers in North Carolina, 47 Anno Domini offers an opportunity to bring the refined elegance and rich heritage of Italian wines to their establishments, courtesy of their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.