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Apicoltura Dr.Pescia

Ferrara Emilia-Romagna,

Tucked away in the charming region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, you’ll find Apicoltura Dr.Pescia – a producer renowned for their divine meads. Situated in the historic city of Ferrara, this family-run business is a tribute to the remarkable nectar of the region’s flora and the hardworking bees that make it all possible.

Apicoltura Dr.Pescia’s meads are crafted with a deep respect for nature and the rhythms of the beekeeping world. The honey that forms the base of their meads is a product of their own hives, ensuring an unparalleled purity, quality, and authenticity.

Their traditional mead captures the essence of this ancient beverage, with a golden hue and sweet, floral notes. Yet, Apicoltura Dr.Pescia also explores the bounds of creativity, offering meads infused with a range of natural ingredients, each one adding a unique dimension to the honeyed base.

Glass after glass, their meads tell a story – a story of Italian landscapes, buzzing apiaries, and the age-old craft of mead making. As you savor each drop, you’re not just tasting mead; you’re experiencing a piece of Emilia-Romagna, its rich culture, its vibrant flora, and its reverence for the humble honeybee.

For those in North Carolina seeking a truly authentic taste of Italian honey and mead, Apicoltura Dr.Pescia offers their exquisite, artisanal meads through the official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.