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Westons Cider


Rooted in the verdant orchards of Herefordshire, England, stands Westons Cider, a family-run cider house that’s been perfecting the cider-making craft since 1880. Carrying forth a rich legacy, Westons has become a beacon of uncompromising quality and tradition in the world of cider-making.

Westons Cider holds fast to the belief that great cider starts in the orchard. By sourcing apples from over 400 acres of local orchards, each batch of cider carries a genuine taste of the Herefordshire terroir. Whether it’s the classic Stowford Press or the richly satisfying Vintage Cider, every sip brings forth the crispness of English apples.

But tradition doesn’t mean stagnation for Westons Cider. The cider house regularly innovates with fruit infusions and unique maturation techniques, resulting in ciders that redefine expectations, such as the Rosie’s Pig, an easy-drinking cloudy cider.

Above all, Westons Cider is about preserving the spirit of Herefordshire. Each bottle is a tribute to the county’s blooming orchards, the buzzing cider mills, and the generations of cider devotees. It’s an invitation to experience a quintessentially English tradition.

For North Carolina cider enthusiasts keen to explore the authentic taste of English cider, Westons Cider’s diverse offerings are available in the state, courtesy of Freedom Beverage Company.