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From the historical city of Düsseldorf, Germany, comes Uerige, a century-old brewery celebrated for its traditional Altbier. Uerige combines deep-rooted brewing ethos with the unique character of the Rhineland, crafting beers that mirror the city’s lively spirit.

Uerige’s philosophy rests on two core elements: dedication to quality and adherence to traditional brewing methods. At Uerige, each beer is brewed in accordance with the German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot. This meticulous process ensures that every sip encapsulates pure, authentic flavors, from the malty richness of the Classic Altbier to the bitter-sweet harmony of the Sticke Alt.

Uerige’s beers are an echo of Düsseldorf’s vibrant culture and history. They are built on the solid foundation of traditional brewing but reflect a willingness to adapt and innovate within these boundaries. Each brew, with its distinct character and unmistakable taste, makes a bold statement.

More than just a brewery, Uerige is a symbol of German tradition and craftsmanship. Each pint captures the essence of Düsseldorf – the chatter of the historic old town, the serene flow of the Rhine, and the unity that a good beer fosters.

Industry buyers in North Carolina seeking a piece of true German brewing tradition can look to Uerige. Their exceptional offerings are available through Freedom Beverage Company.