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From the historic heart of Belgium, the land renowned for its exceptional beers, emerges St-Feuillien Brewery. This illustrious brewery, carrying the flag of Belgian brewing expertise, has deep roots tracing back to the 7th century.

St-Feuillien is celebrated for its unwavering adherence to time-honored brewing traditions. Yielding beers of unmatched refinement and complexity, each brew is a testament to Belgium’s rich beermaking history. From the classic Blonde, a truly Belgian pale ale, to the Grand Cru, an extra blonde ale with an impressive character, St-Feuillien’s range embodies Belgian beer excellence.

But, St-Feuillien is not just about tradition. The brewery boldly experiments with modern brewing practices, resulting in innovative creations that embody the spirit of Belgium while catering to evolving taste profiles.

A sip of St-Feuillien is not just a taste of beer; it’s an immersion into Belgium’s vibrant culture, its unique heritage, the joyous clamor of its festivals, and its unwavering love for crafting top-quality beer.

For beverage directors and wholesale buyers in the tar heel state seeking a truly Belgian experience, St-Feuillien products are available through their North Carolina beer distributor Freedom Beverage Company.