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Rothaus Brewery

Black Forest,

Emerging from the enchanting Black Forest of Germany, Rothaus Brewery is a testament to German brewing expertise and tradition. Established in 1791, it proudly embodies the finest elements of German beer craftsmanship coupled with an inspired sense of innovation and commitment to sustainability.

The Rothaus Brewery is tenacious in its adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, the revered German Beer Purity Law. Each meticulously crafted beer, from the signature Pils that boasts a refined hoppy flavour to the rich and malty Märzen Export, is a harmonious blend of pure Black Forest water, malt, hops, and yeast.

While embracing tradition, Rothaus Brewery is not conventional. It balances its deep respect for heritage with a forward-thinking approach, utilizing advanced brewing technology without compromising the integrity of the classic brewing methods. This innovative approach, coupled with a rigorous commitment to quality, results in beers that are unassumingly modern yet classically German.

Each pint of Rothaus Brewery’s beer echoes the tranquillity of the Black Forest, the gentle whisper of the fir trees and the rhythmic cadence of German festivity. It’s an ode to the region, its rich culture, and its time-honoured love for beer.

For North Carolina establishments looking for an authentic German brewing undertone, Rothaus Brewery’s remarkable beers are available through their NC beer distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.