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Robinson’s Trooper Beers


Emerging from the heartland of British brewing, Robinson’s Trooper Beers is a collaboration between the iconic rock band Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery. Established in 1838, Robinsons is one of Britain’s oldest and most respected independent family-run breweries, while Iron Maiden carries a legendary status in the music industry. This unique amalgamation equates to beers that exude Britishness, rock spirit, and superior brewing craftsmanship.

At the foundation of Robinson’s Trooper Beers is the ethos of quality and tradition. Utilizing a blend of unique ‘Trooper’ yeast, Bobek, Goldings, and Cascade hops, the beers provide a strikingly harmonious mix of malt flavours with a hint of citrus on the palate. From the classic Trooper to the rum-infused Red ‘N’ Black, the beers offer an eclectic palette of tastes and aromas.

This brewery is not just about producing traditional beers. Innovation is a key component of their DNA. By synergising music and brewing, they offer unique beer styles that appeal to both rock fans and beer enthusiasts alike. It’s a constantly evolving beer portfolio that has amassed a cult following worldwide.

Each sip of a Robinson’s Trooper Beer reverberates with the energy of Iron Maiden’s music, the camaraderie of British pubs, and the robust heritage of Robinsons Brewery. It is a celebration of British music, culture, and brewing excellence.

For the North Carolina industry buyers who appreciate a blend of tradition and innovation, Robinson’s Trooper Beers’ extensive range is available for distribution through the Freedom Beverage Company.