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Professor Fritz Briem


From the historic depths of Germany’s brewing tradition, Professor Fritz Briem emerges as a brewing authority with a penchant for reviving and redefining lost beer styles. Paying homage to the art of beer crafting, every creation is entwined with German heritage, creating a compelling fusion of tradition and innovation.

Professor Fritz Briem’s signature lies in his dedication to upholding ancient brewing practices. His 1809 Berliner Weisse, a nod to the Napoleon era, and Grodziskie, a resurrection of the vanished Polish beer style, bear witness to this commitment. Crafted with utmost precision, these beverages are a sensory dive into beer history.

Yet, Professor Fritz Briem’s brews aren’t confined to the annals of history. His innovative approach breathes modernity into each drink, ensuring they resonate with contemporary beer enthusiasts. From the crisp and citric nuances of the Berliner Weisse to the smoky depth of Grodziskie, every sip offers a unique flavor profile.

A pint of Professor Fritz Briem is not just a beverage, it’s a journey through Germany’s brewing chronicles. It encapsulates the rustic charm of the Bavarian countryside, the buzzing energy of Berlin’s beer gardens, and the profound German love for beer.

In North Carolina, Professor Fritz Briem’s masterfully crafted brews can be procured from the official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company, granting local establishments the chance to share this remarkable European brewing legacy.