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Oud Beersel


From the historic town of Beersel, Belgium, Oud Beersel Brewery emerges as a beacon of traditional Lambic beers. Established in 1882, Oud Beersel stands as one of the last remaining authentic producers of this inherently Belgian brew, bearing a legacy that spans centuries.

The magic of Oud Beersel lies in its dedication to time-honored brewing techniques of spontaneous fermentation, resulting in a class of beers with unique complexity and distinct character. Each brew, be it the effervescent Oude Geuze or the rich, fruity Oude Kriek, tells a story of patience, nuance, and tradition.

As custodians of Belgian Lambic tradition, Oud Beersel continues to inspire the beer world with specialty releases that showcase the incredible range of this ancient beer style. Whether it’s the barrel-aged Oude Vieux Lambiek or the innovative ‘Bersalis’ series, Oud Beersel perfectly marries the tradition with cutting-edge brewing practices.

More than just beer, Oud Beersel is a tribute to Belgium’s rich brewing heritage, the dreamy landscapes of Beersel, and the brewmasters’ quest for craftsmanship. Each bottle is a testament to the artistry of Belgian brewing, inviting drinkers to savor Belgium’s beer culture sip by sip.

For North Carolina’s craft beer enthusiasts, Oud Beersel’s specialty brews are made available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.