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La Calavera


In the heart of Catalonia, Spain emerges La Calavera, a renowned craft brewery renowned for pushing boundaries and challenging norms. La Calavera, translating to ‘The Skull’, underscores its rebellious spirit and its unwavering commitment to brewing edgy, audacious beers.

La Calavera takes a bold, fearless approach to brewing, daring to venture where many don’t. Each brew tells its own story, from the crisp and refreshing Zaka Farmhouse Ale to the rich and robust Whisk(e)y Stouts. Their brews are celebrations of Catalonia’s vibrant culture and the global beer revolution.

Yet, the heart of La Calavera’s brews lies in their commitment to quality. From grain to glass, every step is executed with meticulous precision, ensuring each bottle portrays an optimal balance of flavors and aromas. Their beers reflect the soul of Catalonia and its people while also exploring international influences.

La Calavera represents more than just beer. It’s about art, creativity, and defiance, which is evident in their striking label designs, inspired by Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos. Each bottle from La Calavera is a testament to their ethos of brewing without compromise.

In North Carolina, La Calavera’s exciting array of craft beers is available through Freedom Beverage Company, serving as a unique introduction to the daring spirit of Spain’s craft beer movement.