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J.W. Lees


From the historical heartland of Manchester, England, comes J.W. Lees, a brewery holding steadfast to the values of family and tradition since 1828. Revered for its rich lineage and unwavering commitment to quality, J.W. Lees is an enduring illustration of British brewing proficiency.

Branded by their distinctive character and quality, each beer from J.W. Lees is meticulously brewed using their own strain of yeast, water sourced from the local Pennine hills, English malted barley, and hops. The result is a diverse collection of brews ranging from the legendary Manchester Pale Ale to the hearty Harvest Ale, each echoing the heritage of J.W. Lees.

More than a beer, J.W. Lees signifies a celebration of British culture. Every pint radiates the charm of Manchester, the warmth of family gatherings, and the spirit of England. It’s a testament to the age-old love for beer and the enduring tradition of brewing it to perfection.

Constantly evolving to meet the tastes of a contemporary audience, J.W. Lees strikes a balance between honoring tradition and embracing innovation. It continues to offer an array of flavors that satisfy both the purist and the modern beer enthusiast.

For industry partners in North Carolina wishing to offer a true English beer experience, J.W. Lees’ exceptional brews are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.