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Hitachino Nest


From the heart of Japan comes Hitachino Nest, an esteemed microbrewery that beautifully marries Japanese craftsmanship with innovative brewing. As a branch of the Kiuchi Brewery, a sake producer since the 1800s, Hitachino Nest carries forward a legacy of exceptional quality and artisanal finesse.

Hitachino’s philosophy centers on a meticulous attention to detail. Each beer is crafted with skillful precision, capturing nuanced flavors and the unique characteristics of their ingredients. Admired for their diverse range, the White Ale with its refreshing citrus notes, and the Espresso Stout with its robust coffee intensity, exemplify the brewery’s talent for balancing complexity and drinkability.

More than just a beer, Hitachino Nest is a fusion of tradition and modernity. By integrating time-honored sake brewing techniques with contemporary beer craft, the brewery offers a unique exploration of Japanese fermentation tradition in a global context.

Every Hitachino brew paints a rich picture of Japan’s cultural heritage, from the sacred spirit of artisanal sake brewing, to the iconic red owl, a symbol of good fortune and wisdom. Each sip is like a journey through the Land of the Rising Sun.

For North Carolina industry buyers seeking to offer an authentic Japanese experience, Hitachino Nest’s unique brews are available through Freedom Beverage Company.