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Hanssens Artisanaal


From the charming town of Beersel, Belgium, emerges Hanssens Artisanaal, a beacon of traditional lambic beer production. As one of the few remaining independent geuzestekerij, or ‘gueuze blenders’, Hanssens Artisanaal honors a brewing tradition that’s as rich as the beers themselves.

Hanssens’ brews are an ode to patience and purity. Their lambics, free from sweetening or pasteurization, are a marriage of carefully selected aged and young lambics. This patient aging and blending process culminates in the production of their renowned Oude Gueuze, a beer that echoes the earthy essence of Beersel in every sip.

Not just confined to gueuze, Hanssens also produces the revered Oude Kriek, a perfect blend of lambics matured with sour cherries, offering a tantalising balance of fruitiness and tangy complexity. Their experimental brews, like the Cassis lambic, further prove that innovation at Hanssens is always grounded in respect for tradition.

Every bottle from Hanssens Artisanaal is a reflection of Belgian brewing heritage. It’s an invitation to experience the rustic Belgian countryside, the meticulous art of blending, and the unique experience of time-honored lambic brews.

For industry partners in North Carolina seeking an authentic representation of Belgian lambic tradition, Hanssens Artisanaal’s distinguished beer portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company.