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Clown Shoes

Boston, MA,

Hailing from the vibrant heart of Boston, Massachusetts, Clown Shoes is a beacon of creativity and distinctiveness in the world of American craft beer. Founded in 2009, Clown Shoes has forged a unique path in the craft brewing scene with its eclectic brews and fun, eye-catching branding.

The brilliance of Clown Shoes lies in their imaginative, often whimsical, approach to brewing. With offerings like the mango-infused Space Cake Double IPA or the rich, chocolatey Undead Party Crasher, Clown Shoes is unafraid to experiment and tread off the beaten path. Their beers are a delightful play of flavors – a testament to the brewery’s dedication to quality ingredients and masterful brewing.

Yet, while innovation holds a high place, Clown Shoes also celebrates the classics. Their well-crafted traditional beers, such as the Clementine White Ale or Galactica IPA, showcase a deep respect for the time-honored brewing recipes and techniques.

More than just beer, Clown Shoes is about celebrating the fun side of life. It’s about bringing people together over great brews, shared laughter, and unforgettable conversations. Each sip imbued with the lively and playful spirit of Boston.

For North Carolina beverage buyers looking to inject some joy and uniqueness into their beer offerings, Clown Shoes’ remarkable brews are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.