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Cascade Brewing


From the verdant valleys of Oregon emerges Cascade Brewing, a dynamic blend of passion and innovation in the American craft beer scene. Since 1998, Cascade’s pioneering efforts have significantly influenced the development of barrel-aged sour beers in the United States.

At the heart of Cascade Brewing’s mastery is a dedication to using pure, local Pacific Northwest ingredients. Their artisanal approach to brewing shines in their usage of fresh fruits for their fruited sours and the careful selection of oak barrels for aging. The resulting beers, like the celebrated Raspberry Wheat or Apricot Ale, are testaments to Cascade’s commitment to quality and flavorful complexity.

Yet, Cascade is not just a brewer of beer; they are creators of a truly unique tasting experience. The brewery’s sour ales, brewed in a ‘Northwest Style’, are marked by their rich profiles and carefully calibrated flavor balances. These are beers that challenge and delight in equal measure, inviting beer enthusiasts to venture into compelling new territories.

A Cascade brew is not just a sip, but a soulful exploration of Oregon’s vibrant landscapes. Each bottle resonates with the rhythm of its lush valleys, the rush of its pristine rivers, and the quiet whisper of its wilderness. It’s a celebration of Oregon, its abundant fruits, and its remarkable brewing heritage.

For restaurants and bars seeking North Carolina craft beer distributors with authentic Oregonian brews, Cascade Brewing’s innovative range is available through their NC beer distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.