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Birrificio Italiano


Emerging from the heart of Lombardy, Italy, Birrificio Italiano is a beacon of Italian craft beer excellence. Deeply rooted in tradition, this brewery exudes a spirit of innovation, creating a fascinating blend of old-world brewing techniques and contemporary flavor profiles.

Simplicity and authenticity are at the core of Birrificio Italiano’s philosophy. Taking cues from Italy’s gastronomic traditions, each beer reflects the clean, balanced flavors that define Italian cuisine. From their light, crisp Tipo Pils to the rich, complex Bibock, the brewery’s selection is an embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and purity.

Far from being complacent, Birrificio Italiano consistently pushes the boundaries of brewing. Experimentation with diverse ingredients and brewing processes make each outing from this Lombardy jewel a delightful surprise, while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to quality and flavor.

The beers of Birrificio Italiano are not just beverages. They are an encapsulation of the Italian ethos – the vibrancy of Lombardy’s cultural festivals, the tranquility of its landscapes, and the cherished ritual of sharing a pint with friends. It’s a taste of the Italian way of life, packaged within each bottle.

For businesses seeking beer distributors in North Carolina to bring a slice of Italy to their customers, Birrificio Italiano’s distinguished selection of beers are available through their North Carolina beer distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.