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Birrificio del Ducato


Originating from the gastronomic heartland of Parma, Italy, Birrificio del Ducato stands as a beacon of unparalleled craft beer innovation. Since its inception in 2007, Birrificio del Ducato has been an intriguing testament to the marriage of Italian flair with the art of brewing.

At Birrificio del Ducato, each beer is an artistic expression, meticulously crafted to showcase the variety and depth of flavors. Be it the intense hop notes of their New Morning saison, or the velvety malt layers in the Verdi Imperial Stout, every brew is a journey through Italy’s rich and diverse beer landscape.

But Birrificio del Ducato is not just about brewing, it’s about redefining beer. Experimental and bold, their lineup also includes an impressive range of barrel-aged and seasoned beers, each defying conventions and captivating palates with their complex flavors and aromas.

Each beer from Birrificio del Ducato is an experience, a narrative that echoes the vibrancy of Italy’s beer culture, the passion for creativity, and the enduring pursuit of perfection. It is a homage to Italy’s culinary heritage, encapsulated in every frothy pint.

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