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Birreria Le Baladin


From the charming Italian village of Piozzo emerges Birreria Le Baladin, a brewpub that embraces the finesse of Italian craftsmanship in producing artisanal beers. Born out of a passion for redefining beer culture, Le Baladin infuses each brew with a unique blend of tradition, creativity, and Italian flair.

The essence of Le Baladin lies in its focus on quality and authenticity. Each beer crafted in this brewpub is a reflection of meticulous selection of ingredients, innovative brewing techniques, and an in-depth understanding of diverse beer styles. Whether it’s the rich, aromatic Nora or the complex and robust Super, Le Baladin offers a captivating spectrum of flavors, each narrating its own unique tale.

This brewpub’s ingenuity is not confined to traditional beers alone. An array of experimental brews like the Xyauyù, a beer made to emulate the characteristics of an aged Sicilian wine, displays Le Baladin’s knack for pushing the boundaries and expanding the horizons of beer connoisseurship.

Le Baladin is more than just a brewpub; it’s a continuation of Italy’s centuries-old tradition of conviviality and a tribute to the intricacies of artisanal brewing. Each sip captures the heart of Italian hospitality, and the spritely spirit of Piozzo.

In North Carolina, industry buyers seeking a touch of Italian artistry in their beer offerings can find Birreria Le Baladin’s exclusive line through Freedom Beverage Company.