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Banks Beer


From the pristine, sunbathed shores of Barbados, Banks Beer stands as a testament to Caribbean brewing craft and island spirit. Established in 1961, Banks Beer weaves together the essence of Barbadian culture and the refreshing spirit of the Caribbean into each brew.

Banks Beer’s uniqueness lies in its dedication to using only the finest natural ingredients sourced locally and internationally. Using Barbadian water, naturally filtered through the coral limestone rock, each beer resonates with a crisp and unique tropical freshness. The result is an iconic lager, meticulously brewed, which perfectly balances light sweetness with a distinct, rich hoppiness.

Each sip of Banks Beer offers a taste of the vibrant Caribbean lifestyle – the rhythmic calypso tunes, the laughter ringing out on sun-soaked beaches, and the camaraderie of island folks. It’s a celebration of a distinctive culture and the invigorating joy of the Caribbean way of life.

But Banks Beer is not just about impeccable brews. It’s about the love of the Barbadian community, the respect for nature, and the commitment to brewing excellence that has placed it on the world beer map.

For all establishments in North Carolina looking to serve a slice of the Caribbean experience, Banks Beer is available through the official distribution partner, Freedom Beverage Company. Immerse your customers in the captivating spirit of Barbados, one refreshing pint at a time.