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At Freedom Beverage, our passion for exceptional wines and beers knows no bounds. This February, we invite you to explore ten extraordinary selections, handpicked and adored by our team for their remarkable flavors and inspiring stories. Join us on a global taste journey, from the sunlit vineyards of Italy to the vibrant fusion of Japanese and Brazilian cultures, as we unveil the beverages that have captivated our hearts and palates.

Lane Snipes: Unveiling the Charm of Ercole Barbera del Monferrato

Asheville’s own Lane Snipes, our perceptive Sales Representative, has a keen eye for exceptional wines. Among his discoveries is the Ercole Barbera del Monferrato, a wine he not only admires professionally but also spotted in a Taylor Swift short film – a delightful coincidence for this Swiftie.

The Allure of Ercole

This Barbera del Monferrato stands out with its vibrant ruby hue and a palate that sings with ripe cherries, juicy plums, and a subtle peppery note. Lane finds it an ideal choice for any occasion, praising its balance of fruity vibrance and smooth tannins.

Perfect for the Glass and the Bottom Line

Lane appreciates Ercole not just for its taste but also for its practicality. Its availability in 1L bottles makes it an economical option for venues offering by-the-glass servings. It’s a choice that marries quality with affordability, a boon for our wholesale customers.

A Toast to Unique Stories

Adding to its charm, this wine is named after the winery founder’s dog, Ercole, meaning Hercules in Italian. This whimsical detail is more than trivia; it’s a conversation starter that adds a personal touch to each bottle.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Engaging Flavor: A harmonious blend of fruit and spice, appealing to a wide range of palates.
  • Smart Sizing: Ideal for by-the-glass offerings, ensuring both quality and value.
  • Accessible Luxury: Enables a taste of Italian elegance without a hefty price tag.
  • Personable Story: The unique naming backstory adds an element of fun and personality.

Caroline Williams: Exploring the Depths of Sherry with Equipo Navazos

As our Brand Manager and a Sherry aficionado, Caroline Williams’s choice of Equipo Navazos reflects her deep connection to her Andalusian roots. This winery, renowned for its distinctive approach, crafts Sherries that resonate with history and craftsmanship.

Equipo Navazos

A Tapestry of Andalusian Winemaking: Caroline admires Equipo Navazos for its commitment to showcasing the nuanced character of specific vineyards and soleras. This winery stands out for its micro-bottlings, each release a celebration of the Andalusian terroir and a tribute to the art of Sherry making.

Limited Edition, Unlimited Charm

The allure of Equipo Navazos lies in its exclusivity – with fewer than 5,000 bottles per release, each one is a treasure. To Caroline, these Sherries embody the perfect blend of tradition and artistry, offering a taste that’s both historic and refreshingly innovative.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Rare and Coveted: The limited availability of each release makes these Sherries highly desirable.
  • Deep Historical Roots: Their strong connection to Andalusian traditions will appeal to customers who appreciate wines with a story.
  • Craftsmanship and Quality: The focus on small-scale production highlights the winery’s dedication to excellence in winemaking.

Josh Cronin: Celebrating Cultural Fusion with Japas Matsurika

Josh Cronin, our Charlotte Sales Representative, has a talent for discovering beers that blend unique cultures and flavors. His latest discovery is Japas Matsurika, a distinctive pilsner that beautifully melds Japanese and Brazilian influences.

Japas Matsurika: A Blend of Brazilian Craft and Japanese Elegance

Brewed in Brazil by Japas Cervejaria, a brewery founded by four women of Japanese descent, Matsurika represents a harmonious fusion of two rich cultures. The brewery is celebrated for integrating traditional Japanese elements into their Brazilian craft beers, and Matsurika is a prime example of this innovative approach.

A Pilsner with an Exotic Twist

Matsurika offers a taste experience that goes beyond the standard pilsner. It combines the crisp, refreshing qualities typical of the style with the delicate floral notes of jasmine tea, adding a layer of complexity and a hint of sweetness. Josh describes it as “a refreshing journey, ideal for those seeking a taste of something familiar yet intriguingly different.”

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Innovative Flavor Profile: The unique combination of pilsner crispness with jasmine’s floral essence offers a novel and enjoyable experience.
  • Fusion Craftsmanship: Emphasizing a blend of Brazilian brewing skills with Japanese ingredients and inspiration, this beer appeals to those who appreciate creativity in brewing.
  • Intriguing Cultural Narrative: The story of a Brazilian brewery with Japanese roots crafting such distinctive beers is captivating and adds depth to the drinking experience.

Rosemary Schrieber: Capturing Memories with Gramona Gessami

Rosemary Schrieber, our Charlotte Sales Representative, has a special connection to Spanish wines, rooted in her unforgettable experiences in Barcelona. Among her cherished finds is Gramona Gessami, a white blend from Catalonia that resonates with her memories of Spain.

Gramona Gessami: A Spanish Symphony in a Bottle

This wine is a vibrant tribute to Catalonia. Its enchanting blend offers an aromatic journey, with jasmine and honeysuckle leading to a palate filled with citrus and subtle herbal notes. Rosemary treasures Gessami for its adaptability – it’s a wine that gracefully complements a wide array of dishes and occasions.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Versatile Pairing: Gessami’s dynamic flavor profile makes it a seamless match for various cuisines, from Spanish tapas to diverse international dishes.
  • Appealing to a Wide Audience: Its blend of floral and citrus notes caters to fans of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, offering a delightful twist.
  • Striking Presentation: The bottle, adorned with jasmine flowers, adds aesthetic appeal and serves as a conversation starter.
  • Conscious Choice: Vegan, organic, and biodynamic certifications align with the growing trend of eco-conscious consumer preferences.

Laura Booras: A Passion for Pral Beaujolais Nouveau

Laura Booras, our Vice President, blends her expertise in wine with a deep appreciation for the unique qualities of Beaujolais. Her favorite expression of this region? Pral Beaujolais Nouveau, a wine that elevates the traditional Beaujolais experience with its sophistication and depth.

Elevating the Nouveau Experience

Pral Beaujolais Nouveau stands apart from its counterparts. Its complexity and elegance position it alongside the esteemed Cru Beaujolais, much to Laura’s delight. She describes it as a celebration in a bottle, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Gamay grapes and the meticulous care of its producers.

Celebrating Year-Round

Laura champions the idea of enjoying Beaujolais Nouveau beyond its seasonal release. For her, Pral is a year-round joy, a testament to the fresh vibrancy of the harvest and the exuberance of young wine.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • A New Take on Nouveau: Pral offers a sophisticated alternative to traditional Beaujolais Nouveau wines.
  • Seasonless Enjoyment: Its versatility makes it a unique and appealing choice throughout the year.
  • Sophisticated Appeal: Catering to refined tastes, Pral is sure to intrigue and satisfy discerning wine lovers.

Josh Austin: Exploring Cypriot Wonders with Tsiakkas Xynesteri and Mouklos Dry Red

Josh Austin, our Asheville Territory Manager, has a penchant for uncovering unique wines from around the world. His latest treasures are the Tsiakkas Xynesteri and Mouklos Dry Red from Cyprus, each offering a distinct glimpse into the island’s winemaking tradition.

Tsiakkas Xynesteri: A Mediterranean Marvel

The Tsiakkas Xynesteri, a vibrant white wine, is a testament to Cyprus’ sun-drenched vineyards. Its profile bursts with crisp citrus and pear notes, complemented by a subtle honeyed undertone. Josh regards it as the perfect accompaniment for seafood, or as a refreshing standalone sipper, enhanced by its visually striking label.

Mouklos Dry Red: A Light-bodied Delight

The Mouklos Dry Red offers a refreshing change from more common reds. Light in body yet rich in flavor, it features juicy cherries and a hint of spice, creating a cozy, inviting experience. Josh describes it as a comforting and characterful choice, ideal for relaxed evenings and light pairings.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Unique Flavors: Both wines offer distinctive tasting experiences, appealing to those seeking something beyond the usual selections.
  • Organic and Authentic: Grown on ancient terraces with organic practices, these wines cater to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Affordable Quality: Their value for money makes them attractive choices for customers looking to explore new wine regions without a hefty price tag.
  • Visually Appealing Labels: The eye-catching labels are sure to draw attention and spark curiosity.

Thomas Shook: Celebrating Moments with Veltins Pilsner

Thomas Shook, our Charlotte Sales Representative, is always on the lookout for beers that enhance the joy of good company. His go-to for such occasions? Veltins Pilsner, a classic German brew that epitomizes the pleasure of shared moments.

Veltins Pilsner

A Taste of German Tradition: This isn’t just any lager; Veltins Pilsner is a testament to over 150 years of German brewing heritage. Thomas describes it as the quintessential easy-drinking beer – a golden, crisp pilsner with a balanced blend of hops and subtle sweetness, finishing with a refreshing crispness that invites another sip.

A Brew for Every Gathering

Thomas appreciates Veltins Pilsner not only for its taste but also for its ability to bring people together. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a casual get-together, or a sports event, this pilsner is his choice for fostering a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Classic and Approachable: Its familiar, easy-drinking style makes Veltins Pilsner a hit in any setting, appealing to a broad range of beer drinkers.
  • Rich Brewing Heritage: The pilsner’s long history and traditional brewing process resonate with customers who appreciate authenticity.
  • Versatile Pairing: Its crisp and refreshing profile makes it an excellent companion for a variety of foods, enhancing the dining experience.

Heather Parsons: Delving into the Elegance of Pauillac Generique

Heather Parsons, our Coastal Cities Sales Representative, is renowned for her refined taste in wines. Her recent favorite, Pauillac Generique, stands as a testament to the elegance of Bordeaux blends, with a composition that beautifully marries Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pauillac Generique: A Merlot-Centric Bordeaux Blend

Dominated by the plushness of Merlot, complemented by the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pauillac Generique embodies the balance and depth of Bordeaux’s Left Bank wines. Heather is captivated by its layered complexity, offering a spectrum of flavors from the lusciousness of ripe plums to subtle earthy undertones, all leading to a crisply satisfying finish.

A Symphony of Flavors for the Adventurous Palate

Beyond its intricate taste profile, Pauillac Generique serves as a wise selection for discerning businesses. Its rich character and versatility make it an ideal pairing for a range of culinary dishes, from sumptuous grilled meats to hearty pasta and sophisticated cheese platters.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Depth and Elegance: The Merlot dominance brings a velvety depth, while the touch of Cabernet Sauvignon adds a refined structure.
  • Flexible Pairing: Its well-balanced nature makes it a versatile companion to a diverse culinary range.
  • Unique Blend Appeal: The predominance of Merlot in a Pauillac appellation offers a distinctive choice for Bordeaux lovers

Gary Childers: From Chicago to Poland's Finest - Black Boss Porter

Gary Childers, our Charlotte Territory Manager with roots in Chicago, invites you to explore the dark and rich world of Black Boss Porter. Brewed by BOSS Browar in Witnica, Poland, this Baltic Porter is a testament to the depth and complexity of Polish brewing.

A Distinctive Choice for Beer Aficionados

Black Boss Porter presents a captivating dark brown, almost black color, crowned with a creamy head. Its aroma is a rich tapestry of roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, and dark fruits, inviting you into a world of sensory delight. On the palate, it unfurls layers of sweet and malty flavors, with notes of chocolate, coffee, caramel, raisins, and plums. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, culminating in a satisfyingly dry finish.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

  • Upscale and Bold: Ideal for gastropubs and BBQ joints looking for a beer with a strong character and high-quality ingredients.
  • Perfect for Pairing: Its rich malts and complexity superbly complement hearty dishes, enhancing the dining experience.
  • Unique Beer Style: The Baltic Porter offers a distinctive choice for beer aficionados seeking something different.
  • Generous Serving: The 17oz format provides a fulfilling experience, suitable for both individual enjoyment and sharing.