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We all know French, Italian, Spanish, and German wines (which we absolutely adore!!) reign supreme! However, some of the most creative winemakers and historically-rich wine regions are a little further east. We love featuring those winemakers and regions that can get lost in the shuffle of the mighty “Old World.” That said, this month we’ve chosen to shed some light on some of our favorite wines from Eastern Europe; Greece, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Lebanon, and Israel all surround the idyllic eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea and produce some delicious, unique wines. If you’re in the market for something to uniquely tempt your palate, you have got to give these a try!


The Ancient Greeks built their culture around wine, turning it from a specified religious drink to a libation anyone and everyone could enjoy. Greece is responsible for many of our modern winemaking techniques and traditions. Our favorite thing about Greek wine is that they stick to their indigenous grapes and create some really spectacular wines. These particular wineries have truly captured the history and culture of Greek wines: Semeli Estate, Markou Vineyards, Mercouri Estate, and Oenops Wines.

Semeli Estate

Located in Nemea, Semeli Estate focuses on the creation of high quality, terroir-driven Greek wines. Showcasing local grapes such as Agiorgitiko, Malagouzia and Moschofilero, these wines pair beautifully with Mediterranean dishes and are a must for your customers on their own. If you’re used to harsh, rustic Greek wines, these clean, fresh and bright examples will shock you!

  • Grande Reserve Agiorgitiko Nemea 
  • Aetheria Malagouzia White
  • Thea Moschofilero Mantinia
  • Mantinia 

Markou Vineyards

Markou Vineyards, located in Attica, makes a delectable Savatiano. This grape variety is the most planted and perhaps one of the most historic in Greece. The wine Markou Vineyards creates with this grape is a crisp, fruity, white dry wine with mineral undertones; which fully expresses the dynamic character of the variety and of the Attican terroir. A perfect match for seafood. Our retsina is drinkable and delicious, and pairs beautifully with Indian and Thai cuisines.

  • Savatiano 
  • Retsina

Mercouri Estate

Dating back to the 1800s, Domaine Mercouri is beautifully situated in the western Peloponnese and family-owned. Their red wine is a blend of the Greek varietals Refosco and Mavrodaphne and has a fruity bouquet with fragrant overtones of chocolate and caramel, in harmony with cinnamon and the vanilla from the oak. The Mercouri family’s Foloi is a blend of Red Roditis and Viognier with a delicate bouquet and well defined scents of citrus flowers and fruits. These are the perfect food wines!

  • Mercouri Estate Red 
  • Mercouri Estate Foloi

Oenops Wines

Oenops Wines is a new winery established in the region of Drama. They produce very high quality wines in limited quantities. The Vidiano has a complex nose of citrus with hints of white flowers and herbs on a mineral shade. It is creamy and layered in the mouth with flavors of stone fruits, lime and spices. We love this wine with seafood and spicy dishes with a little heat!

  • Oenops Vidiano 

North Macedonia

Venturing a little further north in the Balkan peninsula, we venture into the Republic of North Macedonia. This region has ancient viticulture traditions, wonderful terroirs, and the winemakers utilize their indigenous grapes. Tikveš Winery has a selection of wines that showcase these grape varieties; Vranec, Kratosija, and Plavec to name a few. Their wine range includes a bright refreshing white (Belo Special Selection), a delicate and precise red (Barovo), a fruity Vranec (Vranec Special Selection), and a bold and silky red blend (Bela Voda). Think Bela Voda for oysters and seafood platters, and the beautiful reds for heartier red meats off the grill.

Tikveš Winery

  • Barovo 
  • Bela Voda 
  • Belo Special Selection White 
  • Vranec Special Selection 


Again traveling further north along the Adriatic, we land in Slovenia. The Slovenian wines in our book really push the boundaries and winemaker Peter Gönc infuses his wines with his love for rock music. Peter’s three projects include skin-contact wines, indigenous grapes, and a rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Gönc Winery was his first endeavor utilizing his family’s vineyards. These innovative wines are named after some of his favorite rock songs. Grape Abduction Company is a fun, extraterrestrial inspired brand that creates other-worldy wines. His third project is Wine Dudes in which he partnered with importer JP Bourgeois to create wines they both are passionate about. All of these wines are creative, fun, fresh, and an excellent unique addition to any line-up.

Gönc Winery (Štajerska)

  • Canvas Pét-Nat 
  • Canvas Pét-Nat Rosé 
  • Harvest Moon Pinot Grigio 
  • Starman Orange 
  • 60s Kerner 
  • Cuvee Anna Rosé 
  • “Dirty Deeds” Pinot Noir 
  • “Pour Some Sugar on Me” Gamay 
  • “Sabotage” Blaufränkisch
  • “War Pigs” Orange 

Grape Abduction Company

  • Orange Blend 
  • Piquette Pinot Blanc 
  • Piquette Rosé 
  • Red Blend 
  • Rosé 
  • White Blend 

Wine Dudes

  • Wine Dudes Orange Wine
  • Wine Dudes Pét-Nat


Across the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon and its exceptional terroir showcase unexpectedly high end wines. Founded by a French ex-pat in 1868, Domaine des Tourelles clearly has French influence in their winemaking. Current winemaker Faouzi Issa, who studied winemaking at Chateau Margaux, utilizes both indigenous and French varietals, and does it beautifully. Move over, Chateau Musar – Domaine des Tourelles is taking the Lebanese wine world by storm. These wines are perfect for unique flight offerings and by the glass pairings.

Domaine des Tourelles

  • Bekaa Blanc
  • Bekaa Rouge
  • Vieilles Vignes Carignan
  • Vieilles Vignes Cinsault


The land of milk and honey… and wine! The well made wines of Yarden are some of the best tasting kosher wines on the market, perfect for your upcoming holidays. The Indigo Red is one of the most drinkable and approachable wines in our book, and is simply a must-try. Don’t underestimate wines from this remarkable part of the world – steeped in history, they are fantastic pairings with Mediterranean cuisines.

Yarden Wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Kosher Merlot
  • Mt. Hermon Indigo Red
  • Mt. Hermon Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Mt. Hermon White
  • Mt. Hermon Red
  • Mt. Hermon Moscato 
  • Galilee Syrah