Celebrating Earth Day With Earth-friendly Wine Producers

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More and more, people take the time to consider how wine grapes are grown and processed. Wine is a product that is most expressive of the land and climate, so it is only natural that we consider these elements. This April, we’ve highlighted several wines that go the extra mile to preserve natural resources, reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals in farming and produce a beautifully earth-friendly product.

Drinking responsibly is easy when the wines are this delicious - and it doesn’t have to be expensive to support wineries with an earth conscious focus.

Laura Booras, Vice President of Sales, Freedom Beverage

Spier Wine Farm

Spier is one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms with a recorded winemaking history dating back to 1692. The Spier Family of wines represents the beauty of a business that truly cares about the environment and its people. Among their many Earth friendly initiatives is “Eagle Encounters,” which supports wildlife conservation through education, and waste management programs that recycle 99% of the organic waste produced by the facility. Conserving energy and water and promoting biodiversity are also vital to the business.

We’re proud to feature two labels from South African producer Spier Wines in North Carolina this month.

Million Trees By Spier Wine

This Spier wine label supports “Tree-Preneurs,” growing trees in exchange for life changing support. The project teaches members of impoverished communities to care for indigenous plants, which they care for as seedlings and then exchange for food vouchers, clothing, bicycles, and other essentials.

Million Trees Sauvignon Blanc

Coastal breezes and Mediterranean climate combined create a vibrant and interesting wine, with hints of fig and berry. Mouthwateringly enticing, this wine’s freshness is perfect for a warm spring day celebrating the beauty of nature around us.

Million Trees Chenin Blanc

Gently processed, Million TreesChenin Blanc grapes are the epitome of South African wines with body, elegance, and finesse. Since the wine is unoaked, it has tropical fruit notes of guava and lychee that are rounded out with pear and apple. This crowd pleasing wine is a lovely pairing with goat cheese or sushi.

Million Trees Pinotage

A wine like no other! If you haven’t loved Pinotage in the past, give this one a chance to convince you that it can make a lovely, approachable red wine that can be happily enjoyed by the glass. Bountiful with juicy cherries and red fruits, and maybe a hint of plum, this wine finishes with a touch of oak and smooth tannins.

Million Trees Cabernet Sauvignon

Color and flavor are on point in this easy to drink Cabernet. Blackberry and currant are contrasted with cedar and spice, and a dry cocoa powder finish to make it interesting. The finish goes on for quite a while, leaving you to linger over a glass as long as you wish.

True To Terroir By Spier Winery

Spier cellar master Frans Smit has a passion for his vineyards, constantly seeking out the ultimate terroir character for his top wines. Interesting, easygoing, and approachable, the True to Terroir wines focus on the regeneration of soil fertility; this is achieved through methods such as high-density grazing and nutrient rich organic compost. Aiming to be as natural as possible, they avoid using harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

True to Terroir Chardonnay

Lightly oaked, and made in a more traditional style, this wine bursts with grapefruit, mango and marzipan. The richness of cream blends nicely with lemon and lime, and maybe a bit of stone fruit. Grilled shrimp with mango salsa would be a dream pairing with this.

True to Terroir Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is the perfect reward at the end of a long day. Dark blue and black fruits crush the palate, while integrated sweet oak ties it all together. This is the perfect wine to serve slightly chilled with something interesting, like a lamb biryani or even a rich duck curry.

Everearth Wine

EverEarth wanted to make wines in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The vineyards and production facility are certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, which promotes the benefits of sustainable wine growing practices. The facility also has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.

EverEarth Chardonnay

This is a well balanced Chardonnay with bright fruit flavors and a slight touch of oak on the finish. Citrus, pineapple, and a hint of lime zest make a zippy wine with lots of character that can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal. Pair it with white fish, grilled chicken with lemon, or fettuccine alfredo.

EverEarth Pinot Noir

A deep, rich colored wine with aromas of strawberry and violets is flavorful in the mouth. Medium bodied with a bit of leather and smoke, this velvety wine is rounded out perfectly with a touch of vanilla and burnt sugar on the finish.

EverEarth Cabernet Sauvignon

Mysterious and alluring, this wine will leave you wanting more with every sip. Dark fruits and a savory earthiness add to the complexity, and might even trick you into thinking it’s much more expensive than it actually is.