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Founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team, Unity Vibration Hard Kombucha was born out of innovation and necessity. When kombucha first appeared in the market, bottles would be pulled off of the shelves at the slightest sign of alcohol, which appears naturally in the products. Many brands reacted by putting their beverages through a harsh method of removing the alcohol, but Rachel and Tarek Kanaan decided to treat it like the lightly alcoholic drink it was intended to be, and properly permitted and certified it as such.

Kombucha beer and kombucha teas of this nature are meant for specialty shops whose clientele favors something more healthy and natural. These beverages are naturally fermented with a flavor that is unique and balanced. You might find them as a novelty item at big draft houses that stock a little bit of everything for variety, as well. The beneficial probiotics in these beverages add a unique element that more health conscious drinkers seek.

When I first tried the Unity Vibration hard kombuchas, I was pleasantly surprised by the tart raspberry and loved the oak barrel influence on the bourbon peach kombucha beer. Funky ginger could be a great palate cleanser for sushi restaurants to consider.

Jeff York, Freedom Beverage Craft Beer Manager

Unity Vibration Kombucha: Beer Tart Raspberry

This sour beer coming in at 8.2% ABV is simply delicious with a beautiful color. Nuanced hints of oak and strong sour raspberry flavor, this one is a crowd pleaser.

Unity Vibration Kombucha: Beer Bourbon Peach

All of these hard kombuchas are unfiltered, raw and living, but the bourbon peach variety is oak barrel aged, resulting in rich, delicious Bourbon flavor as it melds with juicy, whole organic peaches. This one of a kind libation is a culmination of the ancient process of kombucha brewing, paired with the newer brewing process of a uniquely American High Gravity Ale.

Unity Vibration Kombucha: Beer Funky Ginger

At 9.1% ABV, this spicy, earthy sipper has a very strong ginger flavor and boozy kick. As Jeff suggested, this is a unique pairing for sushi or other cuisines that benefit from a natural palate cleanser.

While these are some of our favorite Unity Vibration Hard Kombucha “beers” we have here in North Carolina, Freedom Beverage distributes the full line up. Contact us to take a look at our current inventory.