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Yarden Wines


With the Golan Heights as its inspiring backdrop, Yarden Wines emerges as Israel’s wine par excellence. This celebrated winery, the jewel in the crown of Golan Heights Winery, superbly encapsulates the fusion of unique terroir and meticulous viticulture.

Yarden stakes its reputation on the diversity and richness of the Golan Heights. Known for their volcanic soils, cool climate, and varied slopes, these vineyards yield wines that are marked for their depth, complexity, and unmistakable distinction. Whether it’s the freshest of their crisp, aromatic whites or the bold, layered complexity of their regional blends, each bottle is a testament to Yarden’s commitment to quality.

Even as they harness modern winemaking technologies, Yarden remains true to traditional practices that sustain the integrity of the land and the character of its grapes. This dedication shines through in wines that not only burst with authentic flavors but also retain a deep respect for nature and the environment.

Yarden Wines are more than just an expression of Israeli viticulture; they are a celebration of a remarkable region, its captivating history, and the enduring spirit of its vintners. Each sip carries the vibrancy of the Golan Heights, the delight of the Mediterranean sun, and the passion of craftsmen devoted to the art of winemaking.

For trade partners in North Carolina looking to add elegance, diversity, and a taste of Israel to their offerings, Yarden’s portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company.