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Verraco Ridge

Monterey County,

From the romantic hillscapes of Monterey County, California, emerges Verraco Ridge, a tribute to the marriage of land and vine. A purveyor of exceptional wines, Verraco Ridge is deeply rooted in the ethos of this striking region, passionately conveying the full vibrance of the fruit and the devotion to the craft.

Every bottle from Verraco Ridge is a story – of humble soil, of nurturing sunshine, and of the rhythm of the seasons. From the music of the wind in the expansive vineyards to the careful whispering of the grapes, Verraco Ridge’s wines embody the poetic language of nature. Whether it’s the complex structure of their Pinot Noirs or the elegant expression of their Chardonnays, each variant is a testament to the beautiful intricacies of Monterey County’s terroir.

Verraco Ridge’s wines resonate deeply with the spirit of the land they hail from. Each sip is a voyage that encompasses the sun-kissed expanses of California, from the ridge to the valley. It’s not merely the sampling of a wine, but the exploration of a culture, a place, and a dream.

More than just a beverage, wines from Verraco Ridge channels the California spirit – the passion for the craft, the sunny optimism, and the communal celebration under the open sky. Every drop in each bottle echoes the commitment to encapsulating the exquisite experiences of Monterey County.

For North Carolina establishments that wish to serve a true taste of California, Verraco Ridge’s exceptional wines are made available through Freedom Beverage Company.