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Tsiakkas Winery


Perched high in the mountains of Cyprus is Tsiakkas Winery, an embodiment of Greek resilience and viticultural innovation. Founded in 1988 by Costas Tsiakkas, this Winery excels in transforming its challenging terroir into a bounty of exceptional wines.

Each bottle by Tsiakkas carries the distinct signature of its mountainous origin. Utilizing unique indigenous grape varieties such as Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, and Yiannoudi, Tsiakkas crafts wines that carry an essence of Cyprus. From the refreshing acidity of their whites to the complex, hearty structure of their reds, every sip is a testament to the captivating potential of Greek viticulture.

What sets Tsiakkas apart is its innovative spirit. Despite their rootedness in tradition, they constantly experiment with new techniques and grape compositions, giving rise to a wine roster that is both diverse and ever-evolving. This persistent pursuit of excellence is what makes every Tsiakkas wine a delightful surprise.

Tsiakkas Winery is more than a producer of outstanding wines; it’s a beacon of Greek hospitality, tradition, and unrivaled vinous craftsmanship. Each bottle tells a story of mountainous landscapes, industrious hands, sun-ripened grapes, and a shared passion for winemaking.

Available to North Carolina restaurants and retailers through Freedom Beverage Company, the wines of Tsiakkas Winery offer an immersive experience of Greek viniculture and the captivating charm of Cyprus.