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In the heart of Macedonia, cradled within the country’s oldest and most continental wine-growing region, is the Tikves winery. With a winemaking legacy that spans over 130 years, Tikves embodies the richness of Macedonia’s viticultural history, whilst constantly innovating and evolving.

Each meticulously crafted bottle from Tikves is a testament to Macedonia’s unique terroir. From the distinct minerality of their dry white Welschriesling to the characteristic dark fruit and spice notes of their Vranec reds, Tikves wines are an eloquent expression of the region’s diverse landscapes and climates.

A dynamic blend of tradition and innovation is at the heart of Tikves. Whilst each wine bears the hallmark of Macedonia’s winemaking heritage, cutting-edge techniques ensure the best expression of each varietal’s individual character. Tikves’ commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices further underscores their dedication to quality and authenticity.

With every sip of a Tikves wine, one is welcomed into the world of Macedonia – the undulating vineyards, the ancient cellars, the lively markets, and the spirited Macedonian people. This is a story of a land, its history, and its unwavering love for winemaking.

A shining beacon of Macedonian viticulture, Tikves wines are available in North Carolina through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company. For those who value tradition, authenticity, and an evocative story in every glass, Tikves is an essential addition.