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The Path


From the golden landscapes of California, USA, The Path Winery emerges as a champion of vine-to-bottle purity and authenticity. Rooted strongly in the culture and rhythm of the West Coast, The Path is more than a winery, it’s an embodiment of the Californian vinous journey.

The essence of The Path lies in its commitment to showcasing the state’s diverse terroir. Each wine, whether it be their sun-kissed Chardonnay or their rich, layered Cabernet Sauvignon, reflects a unique California story. These wines are true expressions of their vineyard origins, filled with the flavor, character, and complexity unique to California’s vine-growing regions.

Innovation and sustainability are driving principles at The Path. Advanced viticultural practices merge seamlessly with a deep respect for nature, resulting in wines that are as responsible as they are flavorful. It’s a commitment that gives each bottle not just a great taste, but a conscience as well.

The Path’s wines are about the beauty and diversity of California – the long summer days, the fertile soils, the whisper of ocean breezes, and the passion of the people who make it all happen. They offer a flavorful exploration of America’s most famed vinous state, in every single pour.

For industry buyers in North Carolina wanting to take their customers on a Californian wine adventure, The Path’s diverse portfolio is available through their official distributor, the Freedom Beverage Company.