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Tan Fruit Wines


From the verdant landscapes of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Tan Fruit Wines emerges as a unique and vibrant expression of the region’s rich bounty. This American winery, with its roots firmly planted in the fertile soils of the Pacific Northwest, is a testament to the art of fruit wine making.

Tan Fruit Wines’ philosophy is centered around the celebration of nature’s gifts. Each wine is crafted from meticulously selected fruits, harvested at their peak of ripeness. Whether it’s the tangy burst of their Raspberry Wine or the sweet, aromatic notes of their Pear Wine, each bottle encapsulates the essence of Oregon’s fruit harvests.

While the winery embraces modern techniques to ensure the purity of fruit flavors, there’s a deep respect for traditional wine-making methods. This harmonious blend of old and new results in wines that are both innovative and authentic, offering a refreshing departure from conventional grape wines.

More than just beverages, Tan Fruit Wines are a celebration of the Willamette Valley’s diverse agricultural heritage. Each sip is a journey through the region’s orchards, a dance of flavors that captures the spirit of Oregon’s fruitful landscapes.

For North Carolina establishments seeking to offer a unique wine experience, Tan Fruit Wines’ delightful range is available through Freedom Beverage Company. It’s a chance to introduce your clientele to the vibrant world of fruit wines, crafted with passion and precision in the heart of Oregon.