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Square, Plumb & Level


From the prestigious Dry Creek Valley in California, Square, Plumb & Level showcases the pinnacle of American viticulture in each bottle. A boutique winery dedicated to exquisite craftsmanship and uncompromised quality, Square, Plumb & Level masterfully exhibits the harmonious convergence of meticulous farming, next-level winemaking, and the remarkable terroir.

The philosophy underpinning Square, Plumb & Level revolves around minimal intervention. Each artisanal wines’ uniqueness stems from the distinctive patchwork of soils and microclimates that span their Dry Creek vineyards. Whether it’s the lush complexity of their Cabernet Sauvignon or the vibrant zestiness of their Sauvignon Blanc, every bottle encapsulates the authentic taste of this Californian Eden.

At Square, Plumb & Level, the blending of tradition and innovation is key. With a deep respect for the ancestral ways of wine crafting, they seamlessly integrate cutting-edge techniques and sustainable practices to ensure the wines retain the purest expression of each vintage.

The wines from Square, Plumb & Level do more than quench thirstions; they weave a story of the sun-dappled Californian landscapes, the modern spirit of American winemaking, and the sheer joy of sharing great wines with loved ones. It’s the embodiment of a true Californian wine experience.

For discerning industry partners in North Carolina, the compelling portfolio of Square, Plumb & Level is available through Freedom Beverage Company, providing an exclusive opportunity to offer a taste of California’s prestigious Dry Creek Valley.