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Scuola Grande


From the enchanting landscapes of Veneto, Italy, comes the illustrious Scuola Grande, a wine producer that elegantly fuses tradition and innovation. This producer illuminates the rich viticultural heritage of Italy’s Veneto region, along with modern winemaking artistry.

Scuola Grande’s essence lies in its reverence for the optimal expression of the land. Harnessing the diverse microclimates and the fertile soils of Veneto, the vineyards yield wines that reflect the region’s innate character. From the vibrant acidity of their whites to the profound depth of their reds, each bottle is a testament to this rich Italian region.

The heart of Scuola Grande is its commitment to harmonizing traditional winemaking methods and advanced techniques. The result is wines of exceptional quality that encapsulate the soul of Veneto’s age-old viticultural history while appealing to an array of contemporary palates.

Scuola Grande’s wines communicate the spirit of the Veneto region, the gentle sway of vineyard rows under the Mediterranean sun, the crisp mountain air, and the passionate dedication of the winemaking team. Each bottle is an invitation to participate in an authentic Italian enological expedition.

For wine buyers in North Carolina seeking to curate an exquisite Italian wine collection, Scuola Grande presents an enticing option through their official North Carolina distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.