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Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard


Perched amid the verdant landscapes of California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, you’ll find the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, an embodiment of the region’s acclaimed viticultural character. With a rich history dating back to 1975, this vineyard stands as a testament to the nurturing Californian sun, cool Pacific breezes, and the relentless pursuit of winemaking excellence.

The philosophy at Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard places utmost importance on the essence of place. Their wines, from expressive reds to vibrant whites, boast a richness and complexity that mirrors the diversity of the Santa Cruz terrain. Each bottle embodies the principle of terroir, capturing the distinct interplay of altitude, sun exposure, and fog influence inherent to the region.

While the fervor for tradition remains at the core of their wine crafting, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard also embraces innovation. Modern winemaking techniques complement traditional practices, resulting in wines that truly allow the individuality of the varietals, the influence of the terroir, and the subtleties of each vintage to shine through.

Every sip of Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard wine represents a journey through the scenic panoramas of California. It’s the robust body of their Cabernet Sauvignon, the lively energy of their Grenache, or the elegance of their Chardonnay that offers a vibrant portrait of a land nurtured by nature’s relentless craftsmanship.

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