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Sanctuary Vineyards

North Carolina,

Nestled along the windswept Outer Banks sand dunes of North Carolina, Sanctuary Vineyards stands as a testament to the vibrant wine-growing ambitions of the USA. This family-run venture paints a vivid image of passion, resilience, and commitment to showcasing the bountiful riches of its coastal terroir.

Sanctuary Vineyards’ unique ethos is deeply rooted in respect for the land and harnessing the unique climatic influences of their region. An intricate dance of sun, sea, and soil plays out across their vineyards, offering a melange of flavors in their wines, from the crisp, fruit-forward brightness of their whites, to the compelling complexity of their reds.

While a sense of tradition underpins Sanctuary Vineyards’ operations, there’s a palpable spirit of innovation evident in their approach to viticulture. Utilizing sustainable practices in perfect harmony with modern winemaking techniques, every bottle they produce is a celebration of North Carolinian viticulture and the vibrancy of the American wine scene.

Each wine from Sanctuary Vineyards is a vibrant narrative – a tale of sun-kissed days, the whisper of beach breezes, the rich local soil, and the tireless dedication of a family committed to their craft. It’s not simply a beverage, but a heartfelt expression of the Outer Banks in every glass.

For industry partners in North Carolina interested in championing local wines of distinction, Sanctuary Vineyards’ portfolio is available through Freedom Beverage Company. It’s an exceptional opportunity to embrace and promote the unmistakable flavor and quality of homegrown North Carolinian wines.